The cat must be the cat litter?

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    The dog is loyal representative of the cat was dubbed a traitor of the representative in many people's minds, but meow star people with its noble and elegant appearance, the pride of human temperament or get a lot of cats were willing to serve its dedication. The dog or cat is generally more active, love quiet friends, so many people lazy dog or cat and dogs playing. Has become the best choice. Cats love clean, with its elegant and playfully attitude is very easy to capture the hearts of the people. Now when feeding the cat, many people only pay attention to food quality, often ignore the litter choice, but pets are different from people. Not eat well will keep well, for the people born picky cat star, not only to eat well, demanding quality have reached the cat's toilet, so you must in the cat litter on the choice of Dedication, good to serve small owners...

    The cat litter is obviously essential? The answer is yes, the cat is different from dogs, dog poo. Born around the dog dog owners need to throw the problem after a hard training process can be achieved. And the cat star people instinctively know their own toilet, so the cat slaves before the cat home must give small the Lord is ready to litter.

    It seems that Kitty is not just appear to be tall is not? In fact this is only decided to star the ancestors of the living environment of the cat. The cat and the dog are domesticated and from the wild state, the dog body is relatively large, so in the field can be made with the size of living space, and the cat the body is relatively small, in front of the harsh natural law of competition, the survival advantage of cat greatly discount, so the earlier wild cat will try to hide their traces, excreta as an important component of the traces, the cat chose to bury as their treatment. So now, the cat still retains this elegant the habit of civilization.

    Another small cat owners will use the toilet! Wake up ~ that is always the main... Others cat people arrogant attitude is star will easily yield to you? If the cat slaves did not advance to the main ready right cat pots of cat litter, cats from the beginning to find fixed the toilet in place, cause after defecate, and the cat will choose sofa, bed clothes, comfortable environment and excretion. Oh,... Even if you provide a small cat litter, main arrogant will. When the cat slaves a contemptuous disregard cry.



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