How to choose the right for the beloved cat litter

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    Cats are cute and elusive personality, so many owners willing to become a cat, to take care of my beloved cat home; feeding cat hair hair dad mom, in addition to food and feed, the main routine consumables is litter, so how to choose suitable to meet the cat litter, this love clean denizens, parents can be a little sloppy, but they all litter every day to pick up litter, if poor quality, not only affect the cat's health status, will also increase the cleaning trouble.

    Various types of owners in accordance with the demand for choice

    More common in the general market litter types are condensed ore and non condensing ore, sand and sawdust litter crystal, offers a variety of types of choice for the owners, owners can demand to make purchase considerations.

    1 the setting of ore

    The condensation of ore, it can be divided into coarse particles (the price is low, the condensation effect on) and fine particles (the higher the price, good effect, can be condensed) in accordance with the habits, budget and demand choice. Some contain strong flavor and inferior flavor products, the cat's health impact, consumers can through inspection at the time of purchase, the use of natural essential oils.

    2 non condensing ore

    No condensation ore with general condensation ore in contrast, more economical and convenient, not sticking to the cat's paws, reduce the particles are in the home all the cat cat in distress, when cleaning the feet are less prone to eating. Do not need daily cleaning without condensation of ore agglomerate, only need to clean the bowel can be like sand moisture absorption of about five to seven will be new to the whole basin of sand.

    3 sawdust sand

    Wood sand composition is more natural, with good water absorption and deodorization, not only convenient owners clean, not easy to arouse the dust too much, while the wood itself will have a natural fragrance; owners should pay special attention to the home in the use of wood sand humidity, avoid litter moisture. In addition, some poor quality products the sand to recover waste wood production, the owners need to pay special attention to the origin.

    4 crystal sand

    Crystal silica silica gel made of translucent crystalline granular body, strong water absorption, even after the water will maintain the original granular, by judging the color of cat litter can decide to change the timing of the use of a longer time, but because of hard particles, some of the cats don't love crystal silica touch.

Select Stop look and listen to enjoy high-quality litter

There are a number of well-known brands of counterfeit goods cheap grab, or the actual manufacturing and packaging marked discrepancies, to confuse the public, consumers may wish to purchase before, you can also browse on the official website of the domestic brand sales base, avoid counterfeit and inferior products.

Imported litter due to strict inspection standards, but also pay special attention to environmental protection packaging, in recent years in the domestic market is quite favored by consumers; parents in the purchase before many owners can also refer to the use of experience, and to observe the cat use situation, to find the most suitable litter Mao Baobei.



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