No reason why grilled cat litter

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    Kitty litter usually grilled sand, this is a normal phenomenon, but the cat haling with the degree of frequency is too frequent, so they need to look at the cat, the cat litter for normal use only for daily defecation, abnormal behavior is probably the haling cat appeared daily feeding the problem. So the cat slaves always observe the kitty litter reaction, to adjust the problem in a timely manner.

A litter problem

    Cats love clean, so pay attention to clean the litter problem, in the process of using the replacement of cat litter, litter used for a long time, the litter amount is too small will affect the cat. So the cat to slaves often deal with litter, clean up regularly. If the family cat is more, more ready a few picky cat litter, it is difficult to share a litter box. The last is the replacement of cat litter, the replacement of other types, the brand in the cat litter, completely replaced before the need to let the cat contact, or with the old litter mixed use.

Two, the cat's own problems

Litter may have some effects on the cat urinary system during use, caused by some diseases. The cat litter may be grilled frequent toileting problems and other symptoms, if the cat who suddenly observed this cat's abnormal behavior, or as soon as possible with the cat to a pet hospital. There is to consider the recent cat the diet or living environment has not been what change, these will have a certain impact to the cat heart, leading to abnormal behavior of cat litter raking.

Three. The cat's slaves.

Perhaps there are many cats from the main slave to serve little years of experience, the cat and cat litter is a boring play behavior. After all is a cat haling nature, some of the cats in the drive of the nature of the litter as toys, and other things in the house are bored with the case of litter is also the normal play for a while in addition to cat behavior. Think this is a kind of anger behavior when the cat cat, cat or cat slave cold scold, cat litter cat to vent grilled dissatisfaction. Of course, these are some speculation that their cat, there is no conclusive scientific evidence.

In fact, the cat and cat litter is a normal behavior, but the cat slaves according to some unusual details of these behaviors to determine the cat health problems or just some behavioral responses.



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