What conditions need to complete replacement of cat litter

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    The need to clean up the litter box, but how long will it take to clean up a lot of cat litter box over the slaves had no clear concept, change the early words waste a lot of litter, for late words smell too much influence indoor sanitation. The replacement cycle is not the same in different cat litter, the litter in the end how long it takes completely change?

    The first is the need to change a litter cycle according to the kind of cat litter, litter according to the material now there are many kinds of litter of different materials different results, and then use the cycle is not the same.

    According to the effect of the use of cat litter to distinguish words, distinction can be simple for use after the cluster type litter and non cluster type of cat litter, general pellet litter is bentonite material, according to the complexity of the process can be divided into spherical sand with broken sand particles. Spherical sand belong to the popular market litter. Sales volume is relatively large, the main advantage is cheap. The broken sand particles are mainly imported bentonite cat litter, low dust, but the price is high, but now some domestic crushing sand quality gradually catch up with imported broken sand, like DA-AN for the cluster to litter litter. Say, the replacement cycle is generally longer, because the cat is in use after the end of litter waste will be absorbed by the cat litter, and slaves were cleared up, so the rest of the litter is less pollution, the use of a long cycle. We can usually use 20-30 days after the complete replacement of a cat sand.

The other is non cluster type this type of cat litter, litter generally include crystal, pine, this kind of cat litter will not lump in the water. Pine litter will disperse into powder in the water. The crystal is litter in the water. The color of two kinds of litter are absorbed by the cat excreta itself the characteristics, so the cat excrement can not be cleaned up, causing pollution source has always been there, so a litter box in the continuous accumulation of pollution sources, the use efficiency is a litter decrease fast, litter cycle is shortened. The general non cluster type litter use cycle in about a week left and right.

    The last point is the need to emphasize the use of cat litter, the length of time with the replacement cycle is not fixed, is not in accordance with the instructions for use cat litter can, according to their cat environment, the actual use of cat litter. The air is humid in summer, the actual effect of cat litter will be greatly reduced, any kind of cat litter the use of time will be shortened greatly, so it is necessary to promptly clean up litter. Cats generally replace love clean, so usually to observe the cat, if the cat toilet or refuse to reduce the number of the toilet in the litter box inside, it is time to thoroughly clean the litter box.



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