How to choose their own cat litter

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    The cat slaves were waiting at the main small usually do live on hard things to pick the best he can afford to own a small main. In the choice of many cat litter will by virtue of experience and their preferences for cats, but cats are the real users of cat litter, so the cat in the choice of litter must be considered when using the cats feel.

    According to the market classification of cat litter products, can be divided into: bentonite cat litter, Matsuki Eijisa, crystal silica cat litter, paper litter, various types of litter is much more, and each litter have respective characteristics. So in order to let the cat know each litter, own experience under the characteristics of each kind of cat litter so, to know their love. What kind of cat litter litter such as cat can first choose some spare, buy a small amount to the cat, if the cat refused to go this litter can be excluded, if hesitant in the cat before using the toilet but will use cat litter, the litter is a cat can accept, but not the love of the cat. According to this way to find the most satisfied with the cat litter.

    Finally, I have to mention a few points in the selection for the cat litter when considering their own cat, the cat will refuse to use the litter in a bad state of the case

    1, the cat body discomfort, when the cat health problems when the cat will refuse the diet, toilet and other reminders of cat.

    2, changes in the environment, when the cat followed the cat replacement to the new environment or the environment on the impact of cats, the cat may refuse to use cat litter.

    3, litter box use frequency is too high, I may have a lot of cats more than a cat, several cats share a litter box, is likely to reject the use of cat litter cat, the cat itself is clean, the toilet in the other cat litter just used, many cats may therefore refuse to use.

    4, a small cat or just adopted cats may not use cat litter, which requires the cat slaves guide teach a cat to use.

The cat is the actual users of cat litter, so the cat slaves try not to their liking for the selection of cat litter flatly, apply the slogan: litter is good, who knows.



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