Using cat litter Report

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  Qualified as a cat, it should have the courage to try all kinds of cat litter, in order to choose a best cat litter cat master, after several attempts, used N the cat litter, here gave you summarize used litter price.

  Bentonite cat litter

  This is to start using cat litter, because is a cat, so try to choose some claims to be able to try to let the cat litter the result looks ok, the cat didn't feel what obstacles. When you start using the feeling the effect is also good, the cluster of cat litter is also good, but the use of a period of time will be found although the cat litter cluster, the effect is better, but the odor is not so optimistic, although every day to use the litter shovel out, but the taste is relatively strong, deodorization ability is clearly insufficient.

  love cat

  In order to use deodorant deodorant, and strong ability of pine litter. This pine litter from the deodorizing effect is still relatively good, cat excrement can be absorbed or taste masked, do not know their own strong adsorption capacity or the flavor of pine to conceal the lost. But the pine litter cluster effect it's not perfect, so the cat will own a mixture of cat litter, the pine litter with bentonite cat litter mixed with fairly good results, can not only meet the basic absorption taste, it can put the cat feces pellet is clean, but use pine litter. Shooting two birds with one stone but there is a drawback to people can not accept, is to bring out more pine litter, although you can use some litter or double foot pedal to reduce litter with litter, but the effect is not too obvious, so Finally Matsuki Eijisa was left behind.

  Plant litter

  Plant litter environmental sounds, attracts more and more attention to the cat slaves, but the actual use of the cat, the effect is far less than the best use of the litter level. But can not deny that some of the advantages of plant litter, such as corn litter, compared to other cat litter, the amount of dust polar, some extremely sensitive to dust the cat can ease of use. And the plant litter are relatively balanced, with volume, deodorizing effect, agglomeration are reflected in all kinds of litter in a more balanced.

Through the use of various litter, finally it can give you a litter selection experience: most cats are in favor of using bentonite cat litter, plant litter just sounds nice, but the effect not good, not good cat litter, or to give their cats to practical use.



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