Your cat more than you hate dirty cat litter

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  Those cats have experienced is a pot of good litter, with a long time will inevitably appear very unpleasant odor, and said, so the cat litter is a very necessary thing to keep dry, clean and tidy otherwise, cats also forced to defecate. Because the cat absolute there are more than you could ever imagine mysophobia.

  To say how to maintain the cleanliness of the litter, litter in addition to the selection of good quality, it is constant on time clean replacement, to eradicate the cluster litter, best every time you replace all the time.

There are many cat owners overlooked point is that, as supporting the use of litter is not timely cleaning, litter box at least every ten days to clean, you can use some natural, no stimulation of the cleaning agent. You have a small shovel will wash oh.

The washed litter must be dry, because of either cluster or non pellet plant litter or cat litter, litter crystal water are not normal use. But when the litter, litter into at least 5-8 cm in thickness. Not for their own convenience once poured into too much or too little the cat does not love cat litter is too thick, too thin and easy to cause waste sink difficult to clean up, and the thickness is more convenient for cat owners clean sand.

  Cats love the bentonite cat litter and clean container

  On the market there are many different kinds of cat litter, add spices, owners feel litter smells good, but the cat who is rich to scare the cat! Especially the excrement mixed cat after it is hard to imagine... Flavor additives except DA-AN litter, the most natural deodorant deodorant composition and carbon additives. And with the smell of spices in the strict control of the proportion of cat litter cat people harmless, please rest assured that the use of!

  As a reminder, some pine sand itself will contain a smell like the smell of disinfectant, it is difficult to accept for the vast majority of cats. This is why some cat owners would say huadajiaqian bought plant sand, but the family cat refused to one of the reasons to use it in the course of time this may eased, but the most natural litter is bentonite material.

For the litter box selection is not so many problems, but in order to choose the best cat more comfortable, slightly larger than the best is the cat itself twice the width of two times the length of a litter box.

The cat is more than the toilet

  If your family raised more than a cat, not thinking of placing some litter, say you have three cats, you'd better have four litter box. A litter box placed in the position of the best ventilation position. Some of my friends love the litter box on the toilet, in fact, excrement it is more difficult to spread, in contrast, the balcony, the window is more suitable for the cats excretion.



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